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2016 年 9 月 10 日,姚明正式进驻美国篮球名人堂。姚明是入选美国篮球名人堂的中国第一人,也是获得这一荣誉的亚洲第一人。

“让我第一个上台演讲,我还以为你们搞错了…”作为名人堂颁奖仪式的第一位演讲者,姚明又一次展现他的风趣。短短 14 分钟演讲,他将东方智慧和西方理念完美结合,严谨而不失幽默。

Mr. John Doleva, Hall of Fame Executive Committee, ladies and gentlemen, good evening.


When I heard that I was speaking first tonight, I thought that someone made a mistake. The first speaker should be the great Allen Iverson. I need practice more than he does.


First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me this great honor. Your recognition has made tonight a most memorable moment for me. Although perhaps my career ended too soon, for me I treasure each and every moment. I am grateful for my time on the court, and for your recognition tonight.


I would like to thank my sponsors.


Bill Russell. I will never forget that you invited me to dinner at your house in Seattle when I was a young rookie. That evening, and all of your advice since, really built up my confidence and made me feel comfortable in a new country.


Bill Walton. You supported me all the way. Thank you for your advice and encouragement. You were the first one who called me when I woke up from my foot surgery. You told me to stay positive. I will never forget that.


Dikembe Mutombo. I put you last because you are the oldest of the three. We played together for five years and had so many memories on and off the court. Nothing can peak the bond between us — not even all those elbows you gave me in practice.


As you know I am from China,and my journey began there.


My parents were basketball players back in the 1970s. I heard so many great stories about them, about how they played and how good they were. More importantly, so many people know how good they are as people. I am very fortunate to be your son. The gift I had from you was not only height. It was much more. You taught me how to think, how to make decisions. And of course, my soft touch on the free throw line. Which is why I am happy to say I am entering the hall with a career 83% free throw percentage — just a little better than Shaq’s.

我的父母是 70 年代的篮球运动员。我听说了非常多关于他们的伟大故事,出色的球技以及为人。更重要的是,他们是好人。我非常幸运成为他们的儿子。父母赐予我的不仅有身高,还有很多很多,如何思考,如何做决定等等,当然还有我在罚球线上柔和的手感。这也是为什么我能有生涯 83%的罚球命中率,比奥尼尔稍稍好一点。

My wife Li. We met when we were high school age. You know how much you mean to me. Thank you for being my life partner. Our lovely daughter Amy is a treasure to both of us. We wish she could be here, but she is in her first week of school. And she has to live with the consequences of choosing soccer over basketball.

我的妻子叶莉也在现场。我们在高中时期就认识了,你知道你对我有多重要。谢谢你能成为我的妻子。可爱的女儿 Amy 就是我们爱情的见证。我们希望她今天也能来到这里,但是很可惜她已经开学,她选择了足球而非篮球,她就需要与足球一起成长。

My basketball journey began on the back of coach Li Zhangmin’s bicycle when he gave me a ride to my very first practice on the basketball court. I would like to congratulate you on a great career as you retire this year. So many kids have benefited from you and your work.


Coach Li Qiuping you were my coach at the Shanghai Sharks. You led us to the CBA Championship, and never gave up on us, even when you lost your wife to cancer that year. Thank you for your dedication and your sacrifices to us.

李秋平教练是我在上海大鲨鱼队的主教练。你带领着上海问鼎 CBA 冠军,从来不放弃我们,即使是那年您的妻子由于癌症去世。谢谢您对我们的付出以及为此做出的牺牲。

I want to thank the city of Shanghai, the Shanghai Sharks and the CBA league for doing everything they could to prepare me. They raised me, trained me and helped me to be ready for the next challenges in my life.

同时我还要感谢上海,感谢上海大鲨鱼俱乐部,感谢 CBA 联盟,为我登陆 NBA 做好了各种准备。他们养育了我,训练了我,帮助我去面对人生的下一个挑战。

There is old saying in Chinathat if the mirror is made of ponze, one can dress properly. If the mirror is history, one can predict ups and downs. If the mirror is people, one can reflect on one’s own weakness and strength. And now, I would like to mention afew mirrors in my life.


I want to mention Mr. Mou Zouyun. He was a basketball legend. Over 80 years ago, Mr. Moucame here to Spring field to study basketball. He went back to Chinaand dedicated his life to Chinese basketball. Today, the CBA Championship Cup is named after him. This cup is the life goal that every CBA player can dream of.

首先是中国篮球传奇牟作云先生。80 年之前,牟先生来到斯普林菲尔德研究篮球,之后回到了中国,为中国篮球事业奉献了自己的毕生心血。事实上,CBA 冠军的名字就是以他命名的,CBA 冠军是每一个 CBA 球员梦寐以求的荣誉。

I am not the first Chinese man to play in the NBA. That honor belongs Wang Zhi Zhi. He was a pioneer for all future Chinese players who dream of coming to the NBA. He cleared the road for us and made so many sacrifices. I learned so much from him. Although he cannot be here today, I want to thank him.

我并不是第一个登陆 NBA 的中国人。这一荣誉属于王治郅。他是一个开拓者,为后来所有梦想登陆 NBA 的中国球员扫清了道路,做出卓越的贡献。我从他身上学到了很多。尽管他今天不能来到现场,但是我想谢谢他。

Many people know the story that began when the Rockets drafted me in 2002. Not many people know how much effort the Rockets put in before I arrived and throughout my career. Thank you to Les Alexander, Michael Goldberg, Carroll Dawson, Tadpown, Daryl Morey and Keith Jones for making me feel at home in Houston.

很多知道我的 NBA 生涯是从 2002 年开始,那一年火箭队选中了我。但是很多人不知道在我来到美国之前以及我之后的职业生涯,火箭队做出非常非常多的努力。谢谢亚历山大先生、迈克尔·哥德堡先生、达瑞尔·莫雷先生等火箭管理层,让我在休斯敦找到了家的感觉。

When I arrived in Houstonon my first day, Steve Francis gave me a strong high five and a big hug to welcome me. Steve has been the perfect big pother to me ever since that day. Cuttino Mobley invited me to his home for something called “soul food.” Ithought he meant salty food. Thank you to Steve, Cuttino and everyone on my early Rockets teams for making me feel so welcome.

当我第一天来到休斯敦时,史蒂夫-弗朗西斯给了我一个大大的拥抱,从那天起弗朗西斯就是最棒的哥们。莫布里邀请我去他家,吃了 soulfood(美国南方黑人传统食物)我当时没反应过来,以为是 saltyfood(咸食物)谢谢弗朗西斯、谢谢莫布里,谢谢我早期火箭队的队友,让我在休斯敦感到自己是如此受欢迎。

Rudy T. is famous for saying, “Never under estimate the heart of a champion.” Rudy has demonstrated this not only on the court, but off the court too, especially in his battle with cancer. Rudy, you have always inspired me to be the best that I can be.


When Jeff Van Gundy arrived with Patrick Ewing and Tom Thibodeau, that coaching staff turned us into a tough defensive team, like he always does. With T-Mac, Shane Battier, Rafer Alston, we became a talented young team, especially with Dikembe. That team was not only competitive, but a team with a potherhood.


I always remember Coach Van Gundy said once that, “The best chance also could be your last.” That is true in basketball and in life.


My last NBA coach was Rick Adelman. He helped us develop so many talented players like Carl Landry, Luis Scola and Aaron pooks. We had a great run in 2008-2009, but unfortunately my injury cut things short and ended my time with the Rockets too soon. I will always remember my time spent with the Houston Rockets as some of the best times inmy life.

我的最后一位 NBA 教练是阿德尔曼。他培养很多天赋出众的球员,比如卡尔·兰德里、路易斯·斯科拉以及阿隆·布鲁克斯。08-09 赛季我们运作得非常棒,但是很不幸我的脚受伤了,使得球队没能走得更远,而我也结束了在火箭队的生涯。我会一直记得自己在火箭的时光,因为那是我人生中最美好的阶段。

As a basketball player, I was one of the most blessed players on the planet. I played against some of the best athletes in the world.


A great athlete not only has great teammates, but great opponents. Great opponents push us forward. Opponents like Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq: Every game we played reminded me of the old saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Thank you for that.


I consider Houston my second home, so I want to say something to the people of Houston. You stood by me in good and bad times. You gave me strength to move forward. I will always consider you my family. I am a Texan and a Houston Rocket for life.


All of this would not be possible without the vision of David Stern and the NBA. Thank you to David Stern, Adam Silver, Kim Bohuny and everyone at the NBA for your kindness and support.

假如没有大卫·斯特恩,没有 NBA,以上的事情也不会发生。谢谢大卫-斯特恩、亚当-肖华以及 NBA 所有的人,感谢你们的友善与支持。

Finally, to Team Yao. We all look older and fatter than when we first met.


Ladies and gentlemen, I like to pay my respect to Dr. Naismith, to the 361 members of the Hall of Fame, and to everyone who has contributed to the game of basketball all over the world in last 125 years. All of these individuals are stars and together they form the galaxy in the universe of basketball. The game hasinspired billions of people around the world. As one of them, I will do my partto continue to help grow the great game of basketball, and we all look forward to watching the stars of tomorrow emerge and shine.

女士们,先生们,我想对奈史密斯先生表达敬意,以及 361 位名人堂成员,感谢 125 年来对于篮球有所贡献的人。你们都是全明星。在你们的努力下,这项运动激励了全球数亿人,作为其中之一,我会继续推广篮球的责任,共同期待未来一颗颗绽放的新星。

Thank you for this great honor.


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